Fairy-tale about journey of the Decay and the Bacterium in the land of tooth

       Once there lived a boy named little Forefinger. He had a mouth full of tooth as we all. One day a little hole had hidden in the teeth of Forefinger and two little boys - little Decay and little Bacterium were living in it. They were so small that one could see them only with reading-glass. They were eating different sweet stuff, goodies and they had plenty of these. So in this way the little Decay and the little Bacterium were happily living while humming and singing songs and they were so happy that the boy hadn't brush his teeth. They were digging and beating a tooth as they wanted to build there a little house and to live there even with more comfort. The little Decay and the little Bacterium were working and talking:

       - Can you imagine, my dear Brother, what would happen if a toothbrush appeared? But the little Bacterium only laughed:

       -Ha ha ha! After all, boy isn't brushing his teeth.

Boy was so sad as his tooth began to sore. Mummy told him:

       - You should brush your teeth.

       The little Decay and the little Bacterium heard that and they were so scared. Although a pain eased off a little, but boy was getting ready for visit to dentist. Dentist destroyed all built houses in the teeth with a flow of water.

       - Oh no, there are no holes left, - wailed little Bacterium.

       The boy was happy because his teeth became sound and well. After visit he came home and took a toothbrush. Toothbrush had brush out the little Decay and the little Bacterium from the boy's mouth with dental paste, water and foam. They were falling down and flowing with water up to the broad sea. There they are swimming now and waiting for other hole there they could live. Maybe you are a little bit sorry for the little Decay and the little Bacterium? But one boy was really happy that this entire story ended in this way and not otherwise. And this was not anyone else but owner of the teeth - the little Forefinger.


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