Panoramic radiograms

Panoramic radiograms

Panoramic digital radiograph  „Veraviewepocs“ 2D  J. Morija (Japan) is installed while this device is recognized all over the world as one of the most precise nd reliable.

This radiograph is the most modern achievement of odontological equipment that allows to decrease of radio beaming even by 70%.

Moreover, this technology is characterized by other important advantages:  source of radio beaming is gradually moving towards the patient, doze of radio beaming is minimal and automatically chosen for each patient individually, period of exposition: only  7,4 seconds, photograph is analyzed by doctor in the display, special software ensures wide opportunities for the analysis and processing of obtained image.

This device is safer for the smallest patients – special mode for children in installed.

Panoramic radiogram is necessary if:

  • dental treatment of the 8th („wisdom“ teeth) is planned;
  • prosthesis procedure is scheduled;
  • implantation is performed;
  • orthodontic treatment is planned (side cephalometric radiogram is also performed).

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