Oral hygiene

Stains from tobacco and coffee and also gaps between teeth are perfectly cleaned during application of "Prophy flex" method. This is especially effective way to clean hardly accessible places.

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Panoramic radiograms

Panoramic digital radiograph  "Veraviewepocs" 2D  J. Morija (Japan) is installed while this device is recognized all over the world as one of the most precise nd reliable. This radiograph is…

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Radiovisiographic survey

This survey is performed if state of the teeth, dental roots, their surrounding tissues (periodontal) must be determined, also in the case quality of the treatment must be evaluated. Sometimes…

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Qualified specialists of "Sv. Apolonija" dental centre are offering wide variety of prosthesis works: ceramic crowns without metal and bridges with zirconium or aluminium oxide base, in-lays, on-lays, supportive arch…

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Dental implant is titanium screw that replaces root in the case of tooth loss. It is made of special medical titanium that is biologically inertial and doesn't cause allergic reactions.…

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Endodontic treatment

 Elimination of complex dental roots (arched, calcified) and broken instruments, also re-treatment of canals of the dental roots that were poorly filled. Determination of dental roots' splits, diagnostics and treatment…

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