Diagnostics and treatment of surgical and periodontal diseases

Periodontitis is inflammation that results in major damage to the soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth. Different forms of periodontitis are separated that are different in their nature, development and treatment efficiency. It can be diagnosed at any stage, more often it is diagnosed to the adults.

The main causes of this disease are microorganisms and their activity products that can be seen in dental plaque and other dental / oral disorders. That is also influenced by systemic diseases, nutritional and hormone disorders, genetics.

Periodontitis diseases are making advance if influence of dental plaque is higher than opportunities of organism protection and reparative mechanisms. Untreated periodontitis causes resorption of alveolar bone and complete loss of the teeth.

Team of qualified specialists is important during scheduling of the treatment plan (dentist periodontologist, dentist odontologist, dentist orthodontist, dentists orthopedist, dentist endodontist). Initial purpose of the treatment is to determine possible causes of the disease, to perform hygiene procedures while all kinds of plaque, both mineralized and non-mineralized, are eliminated, also to recommend measures for personal hygiene and methods of dental cleaning.

Later if necessary periosurgical treatment (curettage, patch surgery), rational prosthesis, orthodontical treatment is implemented. Maintained therapy is performed in order to avoid renewal of the disease. Oral state of the patient is performed every 3-6 months, also professional oral hygiene is applied.

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