Orthodontic treatment

sąkandžio anomalijas.

– Preventive orthodontic apparatus are applied to little children, their purpose is to reserve place in the case of pre-mature loss of milk teeth, also in order to break of harmful habits (like sucking of finger or lip, incorrect position of tongue, breathing through mouth and etc.).

– Small orthodontic anomalies are corrected with removable apparatus: plates of different construction, external tension or functional apparatus.

– For older patients in the case of orthodontic anomalies fixed orthodontic apparatus – brackets are used; they can be made of metal or of aesthetical type (made of ceramic or sapphire). Also new generation system of non-ligature brackets is applied. In the case of treatment with these brackets visits to the dentist are rarer and shorted, lower forces are applied, elimination of permanent tooth for the purpose of orthodontic treatment is needed in rare cases only.

– Supporting orthodontic treatment is performed when it isn’t possible to perform high quality dental prosthesis or implantation without orthodontic preparation.

– Orthodontic preparation is performed for the treatment of anomaly in the cases of complicated bite anomalies.

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